Tandem Diabetes – The Device With Latest Control IQ Technology

A Tandem diabetes pump is an innovative technology. In fact, it is quite popular and useful for all diabetic patients. For instance, this device will help diabetic people to reduce glucose variability. As well, you have to enter the most accurate information about your body. For instance, you have to enter the sleep duration, exercise time, and all information about the meals.

Not only that, it contains the control IQ technology that will be including all components that are needed to check the body. You will get the infusion sets, pumping cartridges, and CGM.

What Is The Meant By Tandem Diabetes?

The tandem diabetes insulin pump includes interoperable technology. This amazing technology is an alternative to the controlled enabled pump. As well, you will have the best subcutaneous delivery of insulin. Moreover, you will have the ideal management system for people who are suffering from diabetes. It will require the right level of insulin.

Control IQ Technology

The control IQ technology is quite impressive in tandem. You will have the best option to adjust the insulin, and it will prevent the high and lows in your insulin levels as well. For instance, you will have the most responsible method to maintain your diabetes. It will be reducing the variability of glucose.

As well, you can easily enter accurate information about your sleep, meals, and other exercises. Do you know that the tandem system cannot adjust the insulin levels in your body unless the insulin pump receives no CGM readings? Therefore, it is crucial to pay attention to the symptoms and treat diabetes as per the doctors’ recommendation.

BASAL IQ Technology

The BASAL IQ technology will help you to enhance the duration of low sugar levels. Moreover, you will have a system that does not require constant input. This feature will be relying on the CGM readings, and you will have the best option to predict the blood glucose levels in your body.

As well, you can use the cartridges, CGM, or any other pump if the device is not working correctly. You need to pay attention to the symptoms and treat diabetes according to its type. However, it will be maintaining the blood glucose levels.

What Is The Cost Of The Tandem Slim X2?

The cost of the refurbished t slim x2 is $399, and you will have the new t slim x2 is $799.

Features Of The Tandem T Slim X2 Insulin Pump

This insulin pump is 38 percent smaller as compared to the regular pumps. Also, it will be able to hold a certain amount of insulin that will be 300 units.

Moreover, it comes with a colored touchscreen, and you will get an x2 pump that is convenient to read. Further, this pump comes with an intuitive, easy user interface, and everyone can use it easily.

It comes with the integration of Dexcom G6 CGM. Further, it comes with a micro USB port for charging and a rechargeable battery. Best of all, you will have the custom settings, and it will let you create 6 different profiles. The pump will have a watertight construction, and it is tested for 0.91 meters and 30 minutes.

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