Diabetes Symbol – Difference Between Diabetes Type 1 And 2

There is confusion about what is precisely the diabetes symbol. Moreover, many people ask if the symbol for diabetes type 1 or 2 is the same or not? Well, we are going to tell you all about diabetes and its types here. So read on!

What is the Diabetes Symbol?

The United Nations created the diabetes symbol in 2006, and it is a blue circle. Before 2006 there was no universal symbol of diabetes. Most of the people were using a grey color ribbon to represent diabetes.

Plus, people also attach to the shirt as the pink cancer ribbon. Therefore, the united nations thought to create a right and unique sign for diabetes.

Besides, the grey ribbon has a red blood drop. A few years later, the American Diabetes Association started using the red ribbon symbol to represent diabetes. Thus, it became necessary to create a symbol of diabetes that would be universal.

Therefore, Karo Rosenfeld and Clare made the symbol of diabetes that had a blue circle with the red blood drop inside it.

But Why Does Blue Color Circle Represent Diabetes All Over The World?

The blue color represents diabetes because it is one of the bright colours of the United Nations flag. Moreover, the symbol indicates health, mother earth, and symbolizes life as well. In fact, the symbol indicated the complete unity of the global diabetes community.

The release of diabetes symbol date is 20th December 2006. It was shown to the public on world diabetes day.

Are People Aware Of The Diabetes Ribbon Symbol?

No, many people were not aware of the symbol of diabetes. Even the diabetes symbol had a grey colour. But now the symbol shows the blue and grey circle, which is now quite popular.

What Is the TheVariance Between Type 1 And 2 Of The Diabetes?

There is a huge difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes that many people do not know. A circle of blue colour represents both types of diabetes medical symbols.

Is There Any Diabetes Awareness Tattoo?

The awareness of the diabetes symbol is spreading awareness quite rapidly. Also, you will see that there are tattoos of the insulin pumps. Moreover, you will have the tattoos with the blue circle with the red blood drop or grey colour ribbon. Though still there are various people worldwide who do not know about the diabetes symbol.

Is There Any Other Diabetes Symbol?

No, there is no other type of diabetes symbol other than the grey and blue ribbon. You will see the symbol of diabetes with the dotted teardrop, and you will see that children with diabetes have a yellow smiley face.

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