Cellulitis And Diabetes – Who Gets It And How To Treat It?

There is a direct link between cellulitis and diabetes. The disease of cellulitis will occur when the blood sugar level is not normal in your body. In fact, there will be a risk of all other infections as well when the body is having vascular system problems. Cellulitis is commonly found among those who are having any chronic disease.

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What Is The Link Of Cellulitis And Diabetes?

It is a skin infection that appears on the legs and feet, mostly when you have improper functioning of the blood sugar level in your vascular system. Let’s get to know the diabetes cellulitis symptoms as well.

What Are The Symptoms Of Cellulitis?

There are plenty of cellulitis symptoms that include red streaking, swelling on the feet, warmth, and tenderness in the whole body, rashes, red sports, skin dimpling, and much more. Plus, you might have blisters with pus. In addition, you will have a fever, vomiting, nausea, and other common cold symptoms.

Who Gets Cellulitis?

Cellulitis is found among people who have diabetes, but it can attack those suffering from HIV, eczema, lupus, psoriasis, shingles, autoimmune diseases, and who take steroids. Most of the middle age people suffer from this issue, and it can get after swimming in an open pool or seawater. People who are suffering from hepatitis have higher chances of getting cellulitis infection.

What To Do If You Have Cellulitis And Diabetes?

You have to get the proper treatment. Most of the time, doctors recommend using oral antibiotics that include Advil or Motrin. Also, the doctors recommend resting and take the painkillers on time.

How Do I Prevent Cellulitis From Happening?

It is crucial to keep the skin and feet in the right condition to prevent cellulitis. For instance, you do not have to keep dry skin because it will cause skin issues in a minimal time. Moreover, you have to keep on checking if any area of your body is getting dry. You have to take the pressure tests, or you can go for the sensation tests.

Not only that, you have to be careful about the changes in your feet’ color. The cellulitis will occur if you are having any blisters, open skin, or any other issues. As well, you have to check the bottom of your feet to see if the condition is right or not. You have to wear the right shoes to keep your feet free from injuries.

It will be best if you wear supportive shoes. The shoes should have complete construction from natural products. Plus, it should not have plastic material because it can enhance the contraction of perspiration.

What Are The Other Measures To Prevent The Cellulitis?

If you start wearing socks every day to prevent dryness on the feet, it can cause other diseases’ risks. For instance, you will have a higher risk of fungus, bacteria absorption from the socks. Moreover, the socks with mixed fibers should include cotton or nylon material. For instance, you have to treat the cuts as soon as possible. Use the antibiotic ointment.

Similarly, the cuts should be kept open at night so they can dry. As well, you have to keep your feet highly protected. You have to wear shoes while gardening. It is vital to wear the right shoe type to prevent cellulitis development on your feet.

Other than that, you have to shower in warm water and wash the shoes often. You have to use the moisturizer of a good brand. As well, you have to choose the moisturizer that is made for dehydrated skin.

Not only that, you have to avoid artificial fragrances and colors. You have to trim the nails but do not cut them very short. The ingrown nails can cause fungus, and you have to take proper treatment for that by visiting a podiatrist.

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