Abdoul (assumed name), a homeless and undocumented Moroccan in Spain, has survived since last November without his diabetes medication.

As soon as he came of age, Abdoul decided to leave Morocco to join Spain via the Canary Islands, in order to build a better future. Rescued on November 7 by the emergency services, he stayed for 28 days in the Arguineguín detention center, before being accommodated in a hotel where catering conditions were difficult.

After losing consciousness, he was transported to a health center where he was diagnosed with type II diabetes. In the process, he lost his cell phone and the little money he had. “I fainted up to three times and no one cared about my state of health or provided me with any necessary medication,” he laments.

After repeatedly asking for better treatment, Abdoul, against all odds, tested positive for Covid-19, without any apparent symptoms, then was placed in quarantine for an unusually long period of time.

Last month, a ruptured pipe flooded the new camp he was transferred to with sewage, forcing staff to group them into a single tent, in violation of sanitary protocol. Pushed to leave, he left the center with other residents, before asking to come back. But the authorities at the center refused him, which forced him to return to live on the streets. And it was there that he had a new crisis of diabetes and was taken care of by the center.

Today, Abdoul controls his sugar consumption, takes his tablets regularly. If he was still on the streets, his health problems could very well have cost him his life.

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